The Company

We have many good Ideas, and from the best of these come our products

An ambitious factory of ideas with modern machinery – this is how Schwinn controls the entire process that transforms a trendy idea into a successful product. We work every day to meet the demands that are placed upon us, always pushing to be faster, more innovative and more flexible than anyone else.

Our close contact with the furniture industry has trained our senses to meet requirements both now and in decades to come. A pool of creative internal and external designers, are constantly meeting to develop new ideas. The best of these ideas then get turned into products that meet the real criteria of the market: creating technical, aesthetic and ergonomic excellence.

The prerequisite for this excellence is the finest equipment. We continually invest in the expansion and modernisation of our machinery. This ensures high quality, cost effectiveness and environmentally friendly production with our creativity providing the room to manoeuvre.

  • Schwinn can produce plastic parts up to a size of 800 mm and total weight of 350 g.
  • Schwinn can produce zinc parts up to a size of 500 mm and total weight of 500 g

Naturally, we are always willing to help develop ideas especially for you – or assist in transforming your own brilliant ideas. Please, just ask!